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PeopleTec is a provider of various engineering and technical disciplines to multiple Department of Defense Agencies, NASA, Department of Homeland Security, State Agencies and other local institutions. PeopleTec is a subcontractor in all of the functional areas of AMCOM EXPRESS and on all SMDC SETAC and SETAB contracts. We provide technical support to NASA through the various prime contracts and BPAs awarded by NASA.





Aviation and Missile Command (AMCOM) Expedited Professional and Engineering Support Services (EXPRESS):

PeopleTec is also now on multiple Technical, Programmatic, Logistics, and Business and Analytical teams providing engineering, technical, and programmatic support to AMCOM and its tenant agencies.


System Engineering and Technical Assistance to the Missile Defense Agency’s (MDA) Deputy of Engineering, System Engineering and Integration Directorate and other agency operations.

These contracts provide support for concept exploration, user interface for requirements and concept of operations, system design, requirements generation, requirements traceability, requirements verification, test requirements development, test and evaluation interface, systems analysis, threat development, program management support.



Space & Missile Defense Command (SMDC) System Engineering and Technical Assistance Contract (SETAC) and (SETAB).

The function of this contract is to procure systems engineering and technical assistance for the US Army SMDC. Users include the Program Executive Office - Missiles and Space (PEO-MS), the Ground-Based Midcourse Defense Joint Project Office (GMD JPO) and other related US, air, space and missile defense organizations. The SETAC contract is an Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (ID/IQ) Task Order contract using Fixed-Price Labor Categories.


Prototype Integration Facility (PIF) support contract.

The purpose of this contract is to execute the Prototype Integration Facility mission and team with key industry participants and aviation and missile original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). The contract vehicle is called the PIF Rapid Acquisition & Prototyping (PIF RAP) contract and focuses on prototype development, manufacturing, systems integration, modification, experimentation and subsystem/system testing as well as designing, fabricating, installing, and testing complex airborne and ground-based systems.



Ordinance Munitions and Electronic Maintenance School (OMEMS) contract.

The OMEMS contract provides Missile, Munitions and Electronic Personnel expertise, Materiel Concepts, and Organizational Structure input to Combat Developers. The OMEMS conducts military skills training for 20 Military Occupational Specialties, Professional Education for Noncommissioned Officers, Warrant Officer Training for Ammunition and Electronics, and skill training for Explosive Ordnance Disposal Officers.