PeopleTec would like to thank you for your interest in employment with us.

We understand that our employees are our most valuable asset. In recognition of this, we continue to offer an exceptionally competitive compensation package consisting of salary, retirement, major medical and dental insurance, disability, performance bonuses, and compensated holidays and leave. In addition to our compensation package, PeopleTec is committed to providing a challenging growth environment that creates opportunities for dedicated professionals to advance their careers. Through a culture of empowerment, training, professional development and academic support, PeopleTec employees are provided an opportunity to achieve their career goals in a professional and challenging environment.

PeopleTec Employee Benefits Summary

PeopleTec’s founding principles are to create and embrace a professional environment that places a high degree of emphasis on customer and employee satisfaction.

By vigorously promoting these principles and providing a highly competitive benefits package, we will nurture a unique, exciting, and enjoyable environment that attracts the most qualified, skilled and dedicated professionals and encourage and support personal and professional development.

Medical/Hospital Benefits

Major medical benefits are provided under PeopleTec’s Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Alabama group plan. These benefits include major medical, hospitalization, and physician care.

Dental Benefits

Dental benefits are provided under PeopleTec’s Delta Dental group dental plan.

Vision Benefits

Vision benefits are available under PeopleTec’s VSP vision plan.

Life Insurance / AD&D

PeopleTec provides Employee Term Life coverage and Basic Accident Insurance to help lessen any financial hardship caused by the loss of wages.

Supplemental Life Insurance

Additional Life insurance coverage is available for employees and dependants under PeopleTec’s Life Insurance plan.

Short/Long-Term Disability

Short-Term and Long-Term Disability protection is integrated into the employee benefits package to help maintain a stable income level in the event an employee becomes disabled as a result of illness or injury.

Comprehensive Leave

PeopleTec provides paid time off for employees for vacation, personal business and occasional illness.

Military Leave

Fulltime employees who are members of the US Armed Forces Reserve Unit of the National Guard will be granted up to 10 working days of  Military Leave per calendar year for temporary active duty.


All full-time employees are eligible for paid holidays during each calendar the year.

Education Assistance

PeopleTec reimburses a portion of tuition for Graduate-level studies and other job-related training for eligible employees.

Retirement Plans

PeopleTec provides Pre-tax, Employee-contributory and Company-supplemented retirement plans consisting of a traditional 401(k), Roth 401(k), and Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP).

Performance Incentives

PeopleTec offers a variety of performance-based, discretionary incentives.

Note: This information is intended to serve as a preliminary overview for prospective employees. Additional, detailed information will be made available during the interview and hiring process.