Securing Businesses and Agencies in a World of Cyber Threats

April 04, 2023

The word "cyber" was formerly used to refer to system and network administration. In 2005, the terms "cyber" and "cyber warfare" became popular when bad actors began to exploit computer systems and networks to steal information and money and disrupt performance.

When asked about PeopleTec's specialties in the cyber field, Rob Goldsmith, Senior Vice President at PeopleTec, explained that most of PeopleTec’s work is defensive, meaning they help their customers secure their business systems, weapon systems, and networks from possible attacks.

Preventing Cyber Attacks

PeopleTec has aided municipalities, utilities, and other government agencies in preventing cyber attacks by testing and safeguarding their networks as well as training on how to defend against potentially devastating attacks such as a ransomware attack. Goldsmith explains, "It's exciting because what we do matters. It helps our fellow citizens and our neighbors in a very practical way."

Our team performs complex penetration testing, which involves simulating a wide variety of cyber attacks to identify vulnerabilities in networks and systems, for Government and municipal organizations. There are many types of cyber attacks a business can face, such as an advanced persistent threat which is when an attacker gains access to your network and remains for a length of time. Our specialists can then assist those organizations with better securing ("hardening") their system.

CyberTec Solutions Center (CTSC)

PeopleTec owns and manages a cyber lab called the CyberTec Solutions Center (CTSC), where our specialists perform cyber research and development, malware reverse engineering, and penetration tests. Deb Fowler, a Director at PeopleTec, explains that the CTSC provides the capability for our experts to replicate a customer’s system in a testing environment so they can test it without affecting the live system.

"The CTSC is an important driver of our successes. It gives us the capability to work customer systems in an environment where testing will not disrupt operations," notes Fowler. PeopleTec's cyber personnel use the CTSC as a training ground to keep their skills refined, as well.

Mission Readiness Support

Originally, there were four war-fighting domains within the DoD (land, sea, air, and space). The government created a fifth domain (cyber) to address the impact of the nation’s enemies trying to use computers, networks, and software against the United States. As a warfighting domain, the DoD not only protects against attackers but also uses offensive cyber strategies and tactics under the direction of U.S. Cyber Command.

PeopleTec's ongoing research and development projects increase the DoD's mission readiness. Fowler says innovations like artificial intelligence and machine learning are providing game-changing solutions for our military. She states, "At the end of the day, the warfighters are who we are protecting and providing capabilities to so they can be successful."

Investing in Cyber Innovation

PeopleTec invests in our employees and promotes a people-first culture, attracting talented and knowledgeable individuals. Goldsmith noted that because of PeopleTec's thriving culture, it has been inducted into the Best Places to Work’s Hall of Fame by the Huntsville/Madison County Chamber of Commerce. With over one-third veteran workforce, PeopleTec understands the most difficult challenges that warfighters face and is dedicated to solving those problems in cutting-edge, creative ways.

From monthly trainings and a Cyber Community of Practice to maintaining certifications and refining skillsets, Goldsmith emphasized that cyber advancements are exciting for protecting not only the warfighter but also critical infrastructure and commercial customers.