PeopleTec, Inc. is registered as a Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) Registered Provider Organization (RPO) and is in the process of becoming an accredited CMMC Certified Third Party Assessment Organization (C3PAO). We are providing advisory support to customers now and will soon be able to offer assessment services to members of the Defense Industrial Base (DIB) seeking CMMC certification. Leveraging PeopleTec expert resources will prepare your organization seeking CMMC certification for an eventual CMMC audit of compliance requirements. In the meantime, you can accelerate time to certification with the following CMMC advisory services from PeopleTec.


Gap Analysis

Defines the full or tailored CMMC architecture scope for assets that process, store, transmit and protect FCI and CUI data . Analyzes and provides a roadmap and recommendations for meeting CMMC practices and processes.


Documentation Services

Supports the development or updating of specified CMMC documentation that meets CMMC level requirements . Provides recommendations on standard evidence that supports process and engineering requirements.

Process Consulting Services

Provides requirements driven recommendations on new or modifications to existing processes and operations that align with documentation and meet CMMC requirements.


Engineering Consulting Services

Provides technical recommendations on architecture, configuration, tooling, reporting, and automation to meet applicable CMMC level requirements.


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Randall “Glint” Cartner
CMMC Registered Practitioner
Senior Manager

Todd Heflin
CMMC Lead Advisor
Senior Offensive Cyber Analyst