…mastering the cyber domain to
                                 advance warfighter superiority

The CyberTec Solutions Center supplies advanced cyber solutions to the warfighter and the cybersecurity community.
Because cybersecurity is of the utmost importance to us, we have made internal investments in our cybersecurity team.
We provide a capability that supports employee retention, training, testing, and research and development
in addition to recruitment of the best cyber talent.

Our motivated and skilled cyber team are able to use lab resources in order to conduct research on the latest threats, test on the latest tools, execute Red Team/Blue Team exercises, participate in capture the flag tournaments, and provide monthly
lunch-and-learns for the community. The controlled, separated lab environment provides our cyber team with access to
resources which are not available or allowed on corporate or government networks.

Our premier lab offerings deliver vital cybersecurity solutions to our customers and the cybersecurity community.
The CyberTec Solutions Center rapidly adapts to the evolving cybersecurity landscape while providing a hands-on,
innovative environment for mastering the cyber domain in order to advance warfighter superiority.

PeopleTec staff holds over 250 cyber-related certifications

Cyber Vulnerability Assessments

  • Cyber Vulnerability Scanning and Analysis
  • Vulnerability Identification & Remediation

Cybersecurity Service Provider

  • Network Defense Services for Tier 2
  • Computer Network Defense Service Provider

Cybersecurity / Information Assurance

  • Comprehensive Cybersecurity Life Cycle Management
  • RMF Package Development and Compliance
  • eMASS
  • Customized IAVA Processes / Workflows
  • Continuous Monitoring

Software Assurance

  • Code scanning and Analysis
  • Vulnerability Identification & Remediation
  • JFAC SwA Service Provider

Key Terrain Cyber

  • Identification
  • Modeling & Simulation
  • Hunting / Insider Threat Monitoring

Threat Modeling

  • Threat Action Modeling
  • Predictions and Analytics