Emerging Technologies

PeopleTec is on the forefront of advancements in hypersonics research, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, command, control, and communications (C3), autonomy and counter-AI, and high performance and cloud computing. For example, we have developed a key tool for use in insider threat detection utilizing advanced algorithms for AI and machine learning algorithms to detect, isolate, and notify users of insider threats within their organizations. In addition to these technologies, we provide subject matter expertise in multiple areas, including Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE), data analytics and visualization, insider threat, and condition-based maintenance for a wide variety of customers.

  • Trajectory, Thermal, Signature, and Mission Modeling
  • Flight Test Planning and Optimization
  • Near and Mid-Term Threat Assessment
  • Training for Future Battlefield Capabilities
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Image Classifiers and Object Detectors
  • Predictive Maintenance and Health Monitoring
  • Network Intrusion and Counterfeit Detectors
Data Analytics and Visualization
  • Forecasting and Predictive Analysis
  • Avionics Data Analysis Processing Tools
  • Cyber ISR and Situational Awareness
Command, Control, and Communications
  • Tactical Network Messaging and Fire Control Systems
  • Real-Time and Predictive Weather Modeling
Autonomy and Counter Artificial Intelligence
  • Adversarial Networks and Camouflage
  • Active Protection Systems
  • Battle Decision-Making Command and Control
  • Position, Navigation & Timing (PNT) Strategies
  • Advanced Open Rotorcraft Teaming Solutions
High Performance and Cloud Computing
  • System Architecture and Software Development
  • Explosive, High-Speed Impact, and Fluid Flow Modeling at Scale
  • Rubix Cloud-Enabled Business Intelligence Platform

PeopleTec invests in advanced and emerging technologies to support Warfighter requirements across multi-domain operations. Through internal research and development funding, congressionally directed funding, and upgrades to corporate infrastructure and facilities, we provide the tools, expertise, and innovation required to meet customer needs.

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