Modeling & Simulation

PeopleTec has extensive corporate legacy across a full spectrum of modeling and simulation technologies.  We support various modeling and simulation activities, including the development and deployment of analytical models & simulations, robotics systems, Live-Virtual Constructive (LVC) systems, Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs), and gaming technologies. Additionally, we develop, maintain, and employ physics-based models to determine lethality and system effectiveness of critical missile defense assets for MDA. This capability includes the integration of complex hydrocode models to perform hydro-structural analysis of weapons systems, calculate explosives effects, and conduct debris characterization for determination of system effectiveness and environmental effects for test and evaluation analysis.

Lethality / Systems Effectiveness
  • Point of Engagement, Debris, and Collateral Effects
  • Debris Radar and Optical Signatures
  • Truth Modeling for Hardware in the Loop Ground Tests
  • Comprehensive Repository for 30+ Years of Lethality Tests
Hydrocode / Hydro-Structural Analysis
  • Material Characterization and Response
  • Pre- and Post-Test Reconstruction Simulations
  • Lethality Truth Model Phenomenology and Anchoring
  • Host Accredited Hydrocode Models (CTH [SNL], Zapotec [SNL], and ALE3D [LLNL])
Explosives Effects and Debris Characterization
  • Militarized and Improvised Explosive Performance
  • Debris / Shrapnel Characterization
  • Computational Chemistry Explosive Models and Deflagration Research
Flight Mission Modeling
  • Flight Analysis Software Toolkit (FAST)
  • Automation of Industry Standard Tools for Increased Test OPTEMPO
  • High-Resolution Numerical Weather Modeling
  • Ingest/Process/Visualize Air Force/NOAA Weather Data
  • Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) Model
  • Gridded Weather Data Visualization
Cyber Modeling & Simulation Environment
  • Mix of Live, Virtual, and Constructive Environments
  • Cyber Assessments and Mitigations
  • Defensive Tool Tuning and Training

PeopleTec also develops high-fidelity flight analysis, mission modeling, and meteorology models to enhance system effectiveness, reduce technical risk, increase flight testing, and provide operator training. We further utilize our modeling and simulation background to provide cyber threat modeling, as wellFor example, we provide customers with the capability to fully test existing weapons systems, train current cyber analysts, and identify cyber vulnerabilities in a non-destructive simulated cyber environment. PeopleTec’s modeling and simulation teams have supported multiple customers, including MDA through the development of high-fidelity lethality modeling and the US Army through development of 6 Degree of Freedom (6DOF) modeling.