Modeling & Simulation

PeopleTec develops engineering-level physics based models and uses computational tools and architectures  to provide high-fidelity, realistic simulations of DoD and commercial systems in stand-alone and distributed, real-time network architectures. We expertly apply these tools, models and simulations to significantly reduce system design cycle time, cost, and risk; assess design and performance trade-offs; optimize human-machine interfaces; and enhance training effectiveness.

Air and Missile Defense Lethality and System Effectiveness

  • Lethality, Debris, Consequence, Scene and Planning Tools
  • Threat System and Payload Modeling
  • Truth Modeling for HWIL Ground Tests
  • Flight Test Pre-Mission and Reconstruction Simulations

Robotic Systems

  • Applied Experience: Military, Industrial, Commercial
  • Unmanned Aerial & Ground Systems Experience
  • Technologies: LabView, MS Kinect, Point Cloud Library, Smart Phone/Tablet Controllers

Live-Virtual-Constructive Systems

  • Synthetic Environments
  • Rapid Virtual Prototyping
  • Highly Immersive
  • Distributed Non-Real-Time and Real-Time Architectures

Acquisition Decision Support

  • Honest-Broker Analysis
  • Simulation Based Acquisition Activities
  • Operational and Effectiveness Study Planning and Execution

Tactics, Techniques & Procedures (TTPs)

  • Rapid Prototyping for TTP Adjustments
  • TTP Training Aid

Gaming Technology

  • Game Studio Web Development
  • 3D Terrain Database Development
  • Virtual Battlespace 2 (VBS2) Terrain Databases