January 19, 2018

PeopleTec's Leadership Team Continues to Grow

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - PeopleTec is excited to announce our 2018 promotions. As the company continues to grow, PeopleTec prioritizes opportunities for internal career development and promotions from within the current team.


Jimmy Moore

Promoted to Vice President of Business Development.  Jimmy joined PeopleTec in 2015 as a Technical Lead supporting our Aviation and Missile Research, Development, and Engineering Center (AMRDEC) Task Orders and most recently, served as the Director of Strategic Development.  In his new role, Jimmy will help define and execute corporate business development strategies and provide increased emphasis on business capture activities.


Brad Blume

Promoted to Chief Engineer.  Brad joined PeopleTec in 2006 leading our Missile Defense Agency (MDA) systems engineering work as a Vice President.  Brad will retain his Vice President status and in his new role as Chief Engineer for the company, he will provide engineering and missile defense expertise across all PeopleTec business units with a focus on air and missile defense technologies.


Darrell Herriges

Promoted to Vice President.  Darrell joined PeopleTec in 2015 providing technical support in the MDA Systems Engineering Group.  In his new role, Darrell will continue to provide specialized technical support to MDA and serve as the Senior Manager for Group B.


Stan Pruett

Promoted to Executive Vice President.  Since joining PeopleTec in 2007, he has helped lead the company as a Group Vice President, Chief Technical Officer, and member of the Integrated Business Development Team (IBDT).  Stan will be taking a larger role in Business Development as an Executive Vice President with a focus on improving and maturing our training, processes, and execution effectiveness.


Bill Sommers

Promoted to Chief Technical Officer.  Bill joined PeopleTec in 2010 as a Director and subject matter expert for the Kinetic Impact Debris Distribution (KIDD) model.  He has performed an integral role in the creation and implementation of the PeopleTec Technical Fellows program and will take a larger role in leading that group while maintaining his current kinetic debris and lethality modeling customer support.


Tony Brown

Promoted to Director.  Tony joined PeopleTec in 2015 after his retirement as a Colonel from the Army and serving as the Project Manager for the MDA THAAD project office.  Since then he has taken on the role of leading our Avenger Task and Program Manager for Design, Development, Demonstration and Integration (D3I) Domain 2.


Jim Slaughter

Promoted to Director.  Jim joined the company in 2015 as part of our software development team supporting our Rubix Business Intelligence (BI) program.  In his new role, Jim will continue to provide senior level program and system expertise in the application of Rubix BI to existing and new customers.


Gray Killough

Promoted to Deputy to Senior Vice President Bill Elliott over Group C Huntsville Operations.  Gray joined PeopleTec in 2011 and is currently a Director leading our Controlled High Explosive Response Test Apparatus (CHERTA) work.  In his new role, Gray will continue to provide program and customer support with an increased emphasis on corporate level business unit management for Group C.


Brandon Martinez

Promoted to Deputy to Senior Vice President Bill Elliott over Group C Colorado Springs Operations.  Brandon joined the company in 2015 and is currently a Director managing our Space and Missile Defense Advisory and Assistance Services (SMDA2S) contract.  In his new role, he will continue to provide program management and customer support with an increased emphasis on corporate level program management at the business unit level.

About PeopleTec, Inc.

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