Charting the Future of AI: PeopleTec Wins Best Paper at AGI Leap Summit with Question, Can AI Be Creative?

Huntsville, AL – March 7, 2024 – PeopleTec is pleased to announce that our Chief Scientist, Dr. David Noever, was honored with the Best Paper Award at the prestigious 2024 AGI Leap Summit. The summit, which took place in February, is renowned for addressing cutting-edge developments and prospects of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). This year's event, sponsored by SuperAGI, a leading community-driven research lab focused on the exploration of Generalized Super Intelligence, highlighted the contributions of researchers from around the globe.

Dr. Noever’s paper, titled "Creativity Under Turing Tests Constraints," proposed new approaches to evaluating the creativity of large vision-language models. By proposing a novel methodology akin to the classic Turing Test, Dr. Noever tested the creative capabilities of current AI systems like OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Google’s Gemini, and Microsoft’s Copilot.

The 2024 AGI Leap Summit brought together the brightest minds from both academia and industry, providing a unique forum for discussing the latest research breakthroughs and technological advancements in AGI. According to SuperAGI, this year’s summit saw “an overwhelming response, with hundreds of researchers worldwide submitting their work for consideration.” Dr. Noever’s selection for the Best Paper Award in the session titled “Agent-Based Systems” underscores the significance and impact of current AI research within PeopleTec and the defense communities.

The summit's participants included esteemed researchers from top institutions and corporations, such as Microsoft, Amazon, Stanford, Oxford, Carnegie Mellon, MIT, and various AI startups. The event aimed to foster collaboration and exchange among the leading experts in the field, further advancing the pursuit of Artificial General Intelligence.

Joan Smith, President of PeopleTec, stated, "PeopleTec’s recognition at the AGI Leap Summit highlights the innovative spirit that drives our AI teams. This work not only contributes to the understanding of AI but also paves the way for practical applications that could transform industries and societies."

About PeopleTec:

PeopleTec is a leading technology firm that specializes in providing innovative solutions in artificial intelligence, defense, aviation, cybersecurity, and systems engineering to clients worldwide. Committed to excellence and innovation, PeopleTec supports a wide range of government and commercial projects, aiming to drive technological advancements and ensure the security and effectiveness of critical systems.

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