Stan Pruett Excellence Always Award

February 23, 2016

2015 Stan Pruett Excellence Always Award Winner - Ms. Karin Larsen

Excellence EBB

Karin is a Senior Engineer currently assigned to the MDA Joint System Engineering Team.  She supports efforts integrating all Army, Navy, Marine, Air Force and MDA architectures into a Joint Integrated Air and Missile Defense system.  She is a member of PeopleTec's Technical Fellows Program and leads our mentoring program. She is currently co-authoring the PeopleTec 5-Year Technical Plan and editing the Technical Fellow's quarterly newsletter.

She is an exemplary representative of PeopleTec in both her technical and local communities and is recognized for her superb technical contributions and leadership of team work.  She proudly represents PeopleTec in all internal and external events.  Karin's personal and professional achievements while are beyond exemplary and a clear demonstration of Excellence in action!