November 20, 2018


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - PeopleTec, Inc. successfully unveiled the CyberTec Solutions Center at our headquarters in Huntsville, AL. PeopleTec's CyberTec Solutions Center facilitates research and intellectual support to our employee-owners and teammates for the design, development, and integration of innovative cyber solutions for our customers. It offers a practical environment for working with current and future real-world cyber threats, cultivates an atmosphere for advanced cyber research, and enriches PeopleTec's innovative, growth-oriented culture through continuous learning and improvement.

The CyberTec Solutions Center rapidly adapts to the evolving cybersecurity landscape by providing a hands-on, innovative environment designed for mastering the cyber domain in order to advance warfighter superiority. Because our cyber lab connects directly with external cyber domains, we are able to access resources that would not be available or allowed on corporate or government networks. The center employs cybersecurity tools and equipment including pre-configured virtual machines for training, a lab wiki for collaborative content management, reference materials including videos and books, and workbenches for hardware construction and modeling.

Because cybersecurity is of the utmost importance to PeopleTec, we have made internal investments in our cybersecurity team. Our motivated and skilled cyber teams use lab resources to conduct research on the latest threats, tests on the latest tools, execute Red Team/Blue Team exercises, participate in capture the flag tournaments, and provide monthly lunch-and-learns for the cyber community. Additionally, the CyberTec Solutions Center is available to all PeopleTec employee-owners, team mates, and Technical Fellows for research and development projects, as a training resource, and to support government customer requirements. The CyberTec Solutions Center provides a PeopleTec capability that supports employee retention, training, testing, and research and development in addition to recruitment of the most talented cybersecurity professionals.