PeopleTec Awarded Contract Supporting DEVCOM Aviation & Missile Center (AVMC)

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – PeopleTec is proud to announce our recent win of an Other Transaction Agreement (OTA) in support of the U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command (DEVCOM) Aviation & Missile Center (AvMC). The AvMC Digital Ecosystem OTA provides AvMC with digital transformation strategy and a cloud-enabled digital ecosystem that will incorporate engineering and analysis activities, talent management, financial management and data infrastructure across AvMC’s 13,000 users and many missions. PeopleTec will leverage our technical expertise, proprietary approaches, and lessons learned from a growing portfolio of digital transformation work to facilitate AvMC’s digital transformation and development of prototypes.

Throughout this two-year effort, PeopleTec will leverage innovative tools and processes to execute this task. PeopleTec’s approach uses digital, data, and cloud engineering, along with Agile software development and an open systems approach. PeopleTec will develop, integrate, and modernize an AvMC data-mesh concept that aligns with U.S. Army digital transformation and engineering strategy. This new effort bolsters PeopleTec’s digital transformation portfolio that provides products and services to the Army T&E, Army R&D, Intelligence Community, Acquisition, Combatant Command, Joint Service, and DoD T&E communities. PeopleTec President, Joan Smith, reaffirmed PeopleTec’s commitment to AvMC: “PeopleTec’s support to AvMC and Army R&D spans our history. We are thrilled to continue supporting AvMC with this mission that is critical to AvMC internal and external customers.” PeopleTec Vice President, Jeff Tolleson, stated, “We are honored to be a trusted AvMC partner selected to lead the development of this critical technology. PeopleTec is committed to providing digital transformation products and services to AvMC, the Army, and beyond.”

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