Article by - January 19, 2023

PeopleTec, headquartered in Huntsville, Alabama's Cummings Research Park, provides services to the Department of Defense (DoD) and the Civilian Federal sector, including emerging technologies, engineering solutions, modeling and simulation, cybersecurity, and mission operations and program support. As one of the leading innovators of emerging technologies that enhance warfighter capabilities, PeopleTec works hard to raise the bar for what's possible with technology. 

Emerging Technologies at PeopleTec

PeopleTec has demonstrated throughout its existence that it is dedicated to solving the technical problems of today and tomorrow. As part of the company's mission, they are committed to staying ahead of the curve developing, testing, and fielding emerging technologies. For example, PeopleTec has an internal research and development program used to fund relevant projects and work requirements that customers need but are not able to access yet, especially in the area of emerging technologies

PeopleTec is leading the development of the Flight Analysis Software Toolkit (FAST) for the U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command. This toolkit integrates a wide range of flight test and evaluation capabilities into a comprehensive system to facilitate rapid planning, test support, and post-test analysis. PeopleTec's Vice President of Emerging Programs Bob Strider explains, "FAST consolidates an entire set of tools into a single package so a flight test director doesn't have to go reaching into a lot of different places to get data." 

In other words, with FAST, a user has access to accepted models and data on a common, integrated platform, saving them time and allowing rapid assessments, improved situational awareness, and data synthesis for immediate analysis. As a result, FAST makes decision-making quicker and more precise. In addition, PeopleTec is involved in the research and development of specific technologies fundamental to hypersonic technologies. 

Another emerging technology at the forefront of PeopleTec's focus is artificial intelligence and machine learning, or AI/ML. When you hear of AI/ML technology, you often think of a self-driving car or a personal assistant. But there is also a variation designed to counter AI, and PeopleTec's Chief Scientist Dr. David Noever, who is a highly published and well-respected expert in this area, explains that we are in a race against our adversaries to figure this side out. 

Dr. Noever has focused much of his research on a critical component to AI: autonomy, or the ability to operate independently of human guidance. He specifically explores questions such as, "Where is the best place to apply autonomy, and what are the choices a human would make?" Dr. Noever raises these questions regarding the autonomy of AI/ML technology to explore its potential utility for both military and commercial enterprises alike. 

PeopleTec is also involved in exploring machine learning's application in the cyber domain. They have established a cyber program that employs machine learning technology to identify the characteristics of an impending cyberattack on an enterprise. Stopping such attacks requires careful planning and decision-making, which can become more efficient with the use of AI/ML. Dr. Noever states that there is a sense of urgency to turn these capabilities into established technology rather than emerging technology.

Hypersonic Technologies Change the Game for the Warfighter

As technology continues to advance, new capabilities are continually emerging that will provide tremendous value for the warfighter. The military has been working on hypersonic technologies for decades, but it is only recently that we have enough knowledge to make it practical. 

PeopleTec acknowledges the importance of these technologies mainly because of how they will change the game for the warfighter. According to Strider, while the United States was engaged in the War on Terror, other countries were investing more resources and conducting more testing on hypersonic weapons. However, we now have our focus on improving and increasing hypersonics research, and--coupled with the other technology possessed by our military--we can expect the U.S. to have a tremendous amount of advanced capability in this area with a fielded system for the Army this year and the Navy and Air Force quickly following.

PeopleTec Leadership Drives Innovation 

Dr. Noever praises the leadership at PeopleTec, particularly their want to listen and their awareness of crucial growth factors. Growing from a six-person company to a 500-person company, PeopleTec has been able to not only accept change but also cultivate change while not drifting from their ultimate mission to support the warfighter.

Strider states that the company takes excellent care of its employees. From the benefits it provides to the continuous education opportunities, PeopleTec is able to hire and retain highly qualified people who could work anywhere they want but choose this company. He also brags on PeopleTec's employee-owned culture, explaining that knowing you have ownership encourages you to perform your best and achieve the mission.

PeopleTec employs exceptionally talented people who provide specialized services primarily for the US Government. The company has been gradually increasing and meeting or surpassing its growth targets year after year. The leadership has cultivated this growth by creating a cycle of taking care of the workforce, who in turn take care of their customers.

To learn more about how PeopleTec serves the warfighter through innovation and advancements in technology, please visit peopletec.comtoday.