September 27, 2021

PeopleTec Makes the "100 Companies that Care" List by PEOPLE

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - Partnering with Great Place to Work®, PEOPLE has identified the top US companies supporting their employees and surrounding communities in the inaugural recognition of "100 Companies that Care." PeopleTec is honored to make this list alongside companies like Hilton, Capital One, Edward Jones, and Publix.

PEOPLE identified US companies that have succeeded in business while demonstrating outstanding respect, care, and concern for their employees, communities, and the environment this past year. PEOPLE teamed up with Great Place to Work® to produce the ranking using the research firm's extensive database and inside knowledge of outstanding workplaces around the globe. Rankings are based on surveys representing over 4.5 million employees' experiences of how their workplaces have made a difference in their lives and communities. Rankings also reflect Great Place to Work's assessment of the generosity of each organization's benefits and philanthropic and community support, with particular focus on activities occurring in the last year.

PeopleTec is grateful and honored to make this respected list. As a reflection of our continuous effort to improve and take care of our employees, this recognition solidifies PeopleTec as truly a Great Place to Work. In the past two years, PeopleTec has explored multiple avenues to increase employee involvement, retention, and value, particularly focusing on the establishment of Resource Groups to support various micro-cultures within our company.

Resource Groups

In 2019, PeopleTec established the Next Generation Innovators (NGI) program to give younger employees (under age 35) accelerated access to leadership and a platform for sharing ideas and feedback. At the core of the program is mentorship. NGI members have opportunities to pair with mentors that provide career and leadership guidance. NGI also hosts social events to encourage networking opportunities and refine social skills. Our CEO personally founded this program to ensure this generation has a voice in today's workplace, develop an effective workforce for the future, and build the next generation of the company's leadership.

Recognizing the cultural shift surrounding diversity in our country, PeopleTec proactively formed the Diversity and Inclusion resource group. Spearheaded by Group Vice President Tony Brown, this group encourages dialogue within and across the entire company, from new employees to veteran leaders, about diversity in the workplace. PeopleTec formed a partnership with Blue Ocean Brain, an online resource that educates our employees about cultural elements such as awareness of bias, personal wellbeing, and mindfulness.

PeopleTec supports the Warfighter in all manner, behind a computer screen, on the battlefield, or in an office. Veterans make up over one-third of our workforce. Founded this year, the Veteran's Resource Group (VRG)allows our veterans to gather and share resources and ideas and simply connect with each other to provide a unique support system within the company. Headed by Jay Coquat, a veteran and former CH-47 pilot, this group aims to ease a veteran's transition from military to civilian lifestyle. For example, the VRG hosts training courses on topics such as financial planning, healthcare access, and workplace culture. In addition to providing outreach and support to incoming veterans, the VRG strives to educate non-veteran employees, as well, on the challenges and benefits of this transition.

Unique Benefits

As an employee-owned company since 2016, our employees reap the benefits of corporate growth and expansion. The tangible investment seen through our Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) has helped influence a culture of ownership, quality service, and continual improvement. An ESOP is a tax-deferred retirement benefit that credits the value of shares of PeopleTec stock to an individual account. Employee-owners are automatically enrolled into the ESOP depending on start date with enrollment periods of January 1st or July 1st. Research shows that ESOP companies are more productive, faster growing, more profitable, and have lower turnover. An ESOP encourages employee interest in the company, which increases employee investment and innovation.

PeopleTec motivates our employees to continually improve and develop their skills and knowledge through our Continuous Learning Program (CLP). Our subject matter experts and leadership team provide training courses in various areas ranging from technical to managerial. Employees receive one credit for every hour of training taken and 5 credits for every hour of training taught. Twice a year, we open the "CLP Store" for employees to cash-in their credits for PeopleTec swag, including Yeti cups, t-shirts, and other fun accessories.

"Our leadership truly cares about the overall well-being of our employees, at work and at home, mentally, physically and emotionally."