May 25, 2021

HUNTSVILLE, AL - PeopleTec, Inc. is proud to announce the promotion of Kevin Williams to Chief Technical Fellow. Mr. Williams joined PeopleTec in 2012 and serves as team lead for the Aviation Software Product Group and the Rubix Business Intelligence platform. He has over 24 years of experience supporting the Department of Defense, including multiple Special Operations offices, in the areas of business analytics, cloud architectures, and knowledge management. Mr. Williams also recently completed company-level certifications for Amazon AWS GovCloud and Microsoft Azure GovCloud.

Kevin Williams, Chief Technical Fellow

Mr. Williams received his Bachelor's degree in computer science from Troy University and earned his Master's degree in software engineering from Pennsylvania State University. In recognition of his innovative technical solutions and subject matter expertise, Mr. Williams has served as a Senior Technical Fellow at PeopleTec since 2015. Mr. Williams' new leadership role within the program is to guide PeopleTec's Technical Fellows in recruiting, organizing, and coordinating staff capabilities across the cutting edge of advanced technologies.

Technical Fellows Program

PeopleTec's Technical Fellows program provides a technically-oriented career path for employees dedicated to developing and honing their expertise. The program also ensures the company remains on the cutting edge of technology and provides our customers with access to valuable subject matter experts and highly technical capabilities.