January 15, 2021

Jeff Tolleson, Director

HUNTSVILLE, AL - PeopleTec is proud to announce the promotion of Mr. Jeff Tolleson to Director. Mr. Tolleson is an intelligence and cybersecurity subject matter expert with over a decade of experience supporting government customers in tactical cyber, systems security engineering, supply chain risk management, and intelligence analysis. He will continue providing leadership at Redstone Test Center and for the Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Army. He provides capture management for PeopleTec and one of its joint ventures, NovaTec Solutions. Mr. Tolleson will further provide strategic expertise for PeopleTec's cyber activities, including our newly formed Commercial Cyber Business Unit, in targeted markets and arenas. 

Mr. Tolleson joined PeopleTec in July 2019 and serves as task lead on several of the company's cyber contracts. He is an Army veteran who supported Operation Iraqi Freedom. After the military, he held several senior positions in both industry and as a GS-14 civil servant. Mr. Tolleson holds several certifications and earned his MBA from Liberty University after graduating with a BS from Troy University.