Promotion of Mr. Richard Crabtree to Vice President

January 16, 2024

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – PeopleTec, Inc. is pleased to announce the promotion of Mr. Richard Crabtree to Group Vice President, effective January 1, 2024. Mr. Crabtree has 27 years of experience in Army Aviation, focusing on maintenance management, training, and new equipment integration. In 2017, he joined PeopleTec after serving as a career AH-64D/E pilot with deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. While at PeopleTec, Rich has supported the Improved Turbine Product Office (ITE PdO) and the Future Attack Reconnaissance Aircraft Project Office (FARA PO). He currently oversees all aspects of PeopleTec’s contract support for PEO Aviation.

In his new role as Group Vice President, Rich will continue to manage and grow his team and support our PEO Aviation customers—from Headquarters to Future Attack Reconnaissance Aircraft (FARA), Future Long Range Assault Aircraft (FLRAA), Uncrewed Aircraft Systems (UAS), and the Aviation Turbine Engines (ATE) and Utility Helicopter (UH) Project Offices.