Program Support

PeopleTec’s program support encompasses a broad spectrum of activities including business operations, compliance management, logistics, human resources, protocol, and executive assistance & action officer support. Our innovative solutions enable Government customers to achieve performance objectives throughout the system life-cycle on schedule and within budget.


  • Acquisition & Procurement Support
  • Resource Management and Financial Analysis
  • Planning and Scheduling
  • Systems Analysis

Compliance Management

  • Policies, Procedures and Documentation Standardization
  • Resource Management Evaluation
  • Audits / In-field Assessments
  • Trend Analysis

Human Resources Support

  • Operational Transaction Activities
  • Workforce and Military Personnel Planning
  • Training and Development

Executive & Action Officer Assistance

  • Flag Officer / SES Level Support
  • Correspondence, Scheduling, Travel
  • Staff Actions Control
  • Congressional Support

Protocol & Event Management

  • Conference, Ceremony, Flight Test Support
  • Executive & Action Officer Assistance
  • Policy Guidance
  • Personnel Training