Transforming Disparate Data into Consolidated Business Intelligence

Rubix Provides:

  • Enterprise Data Management
  • Business Intelligence
  • Business Process Automation
  • Data Visualization and Analysis
  • Enterprise Reporting and Socialization

Key Benefits:

  • Reduces cost and increases effectiveness of enterprise business intelligence
  • Provides maximum situational awareness to enable optimum business performance
  • Provides monitorable performance indicators and analyzes cause and contributing factors

Enterprise Data Management

Ability to accurately define, seamlessly integrate and effectively retrieve data from across the enterprise for internal applications, business process automation and external communications

Business Intelligence Generation

Transforming business process transaction data into key measures of performance which can be monitored for process efficiency and analyzed for cause and contributing factors

Data Visualization

Providing Commanders and decision makers with maximum situational awareness based on intuitive data visualization, enabling rapid assessment of status, condition and financial position.

Data Analysis

Provides a full featured tool kit of data mining and
structuring functionality used for conducting data
analysis, rendering ad hoc reports and facilitating
external data export.


High Quality Data Visualizations

Process-Centric Optimization

Alert and Caution Level Monitoring


Predefined and Ad hoc Queries

Pivot and Smart Grid Formatting

Data Grouping, Filtering and Sorting

Export to Excel, PDF, Image and PowerPoint