TEAMS-Next Security Operations and Counterintelligence

Protecting technology is what we do. PeopleTec is proud to announce our candidacy for MDA’s TEAMS Next Security Operations & Counterintelligence contract. Team PeopleTec offers our lessons learned and enhanced processes gained through our wealth of experience managing security and CI programs for DoD Agency-level organizations. Our experience implementing security measures as the prime contractor of the MDA TEAMS International Engineering contract provides us valuable familiarity with MDA’s complex mission.  Other Team PeopleTec strengths include:

  • Layered Security & CI
  • Highly-qualified Advisory Panel
  • High Retention Rate as an Employee-owned Company

Join Team PeopleTec

PeopleTec has submitted a bid as prime contractor on the TEAMS-Next Security Operations & Counterintelligence contract. With corporate locations in Huntsville, AL and Colorado Springs, CO, PeopleTec brings a team of highly competent, experienced companies and personnel with broad security and CI experience with MDA and multiple other DoD Agency-level customers. Team PeopleTec is committed to retaining current talent and provides highly competitive salaries, benefits, and career advancement programs. We are seeking candidates in the locations to the right.

Any expression of interest in joining Team PeopleTec will be kept confidential.

Cooperative International Relationships – Protecting Information

PeopleTec has developed a culture for our customers that offers a vigilant command climate and emphasizes the critical importance of safeguarding classified material against compromise. We recognize the criticality of enabling our foreign partners with key information and technology to bolster missile defense capability globally. Our foreign disclosure officers ensure US interests are protected, partnerships are strengthened, and joint missions are executed.

Cooperative International Relationships

Layered Security Experts – Securing Technology

Layered security

Our security experts leverage competencies from all security disciplines to develop the most secure and cost-effective mitigation strategies for our clients and their technologies. We incorporate counterintelligence activities to enhance security measures and enable technology development. Through our layered approach, we streamline acquisition cost and schedule, avoiding the inundation of security measures. Our experts incorporate unparalleled technical proficiency to better understand technology and properly apply security measures to enhance system development.

Emergency Preparedness – Protecting People, Assets, and Facilities

Preparedness is vital to the DoD's ability to execute critical national security functions and warfighting missions, both at home and overseas. Our experts are highly experienced in providing guidance, support, and execution to DoD customers to ensure capabilities are supported while continuously meeting the preparedness mission. PeopleTec security professionals are seasoned in developing defensive measures used to reduce the vulnerability of people, assets, and facilities to terrorist acts.

Emergency Preparedness

Program Protection Experience – Guarding Critical Supply Chains

program protection

Our experts currently implement supply chain security measures throughout the DIB through supply chain risk management. We not only advise the US Army’s holistic SCRM strategy for the Army Acquisition Executive but also contributed to the Trusted Systems & Network instruction for the DoD Chief Information Officer. PeopleTec’s experts have authored and guided programs of record on multiple program protection plans and conducted multiple critical program information assessments and criticality analyses.

Oppositional Defense – Strengthening Technical Capability

PeopleTec is committed to identifying various threats from foreign intelligence entities, illicit collectors of US defense information, and/or terrorists. Our counterintelligence officers and analysts boast wide-ranging backgrounds that include former FBI special agents, cyber forensics experts, counterintelligence analysts within the Intelligence Community, and military service component, badged and credentialed, counterintelligence professionals. Our counterintelligence agents are active and mobile, enabling clients’ technology development efforts with broad support.

Oppositional Defense


Top Secret

Our special security experts perform all aspects of physical, personnel, information, information systems, and technical security within sensitive, accredited spaces that process and protect top secret information. In addition, we manage SCIF construction, accreditation, and requirement validation employing Intelligence Community standards. Our personnel security professionals also support reinvestigation and continuous evaluation, among other activities, concerning cleared personnel.  We ensure the most sensitive missile defense information is guarded by the right people in the most secured facilities.

MDA Contracts

PeopleTec has provided exceptional support to MDA in both prime and subcontractor roles for over a decade.  In addition, we have teamed with companies that have also supported MDA in both prime and subcontract roles.  Our relevant MDA experience includes:

  • Current prime contractorMDA TEAMS International Engineering
  • Current subcontractorMDA TEAMS-Next Missile Defense Systems Engineering
  • Nine prime task order awardsMDA Engineering and Support Services (MiDAESS)
  • Numerous SBIR and other subcontractor efforts

About PeopleTec

People First. Technology Always.

We are an employee-owned small business headquartered in Huntsville, AL that provides technical services and solutions to the US Department of Defense and civilian federal sectors. Our company tagline—People First. Technology Always.—promotes superior customer support in emerging technologies, engineering solutions, modeling & simulation, cybersecurity, and mission operations and program support.

We are committed to customer and employee satisfaction as evidenced by the awards and recognition we have received for both our positive corporate culture and our quality services. We attribute the success of PeopleTec to our outstanding employee-owners, some of the “best and brightest” in industry.

At PeopleTec we value your long-term goals. Whether it is through continuing-education benefits, career-growth plans, mentoring programs, or our aggressive retirement contributions, PeopleTec truly believes that our best investments are our people.

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