November 16, 2022

Article by AL.com -  November 10, 2022

PeopleTec is an employee-owned tech company with over 500 employees, headquartered in Huntsville, Alabama's Cummings Research Park. They provide services to the Department of Defense (DoD) and the Federal civilian sector in the areas of emerging technologies, engineering solutions, modeling and simulation, cybersecurity, and mission operations and program support. 

Multiple military departments, including the US Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps, plus several Defense Agencies, including the Missile Defense Agency (MDA), are among their customer base.

In addition to its role in supporting the military and national defense, PeopleTec stands out for having a staff comprised of 35% veterans. The employee-owned company is proud of this number and recognizes the importance of employing veterans to help with tasks that directly affect the warfighter.

PeopleTec and the Warfighter

PeopleTec has teams that work side-by-side with the warfighter every day, which is why the unique insights and skillsets from veterans are so valuable to the company. Tony Brown, a US Army veteran and a Vice President at PeopleTec, has teams directly supporting soldiers at Ft. Bliss as well as teams in several states across the country supporting the US Army National Guard. 

For example, Brown has teams that provide hands-on Air Defense Artillery training and Patriot sustainment and mission readiness training to warfighters at Ft. Bliss. PeopleTec also provides maintenance and system sustainment, deployment preparations, live fire exercises, and modifications/upgrades, for several Air Defense units like the Avenger Weapon System for the US Army National Guard. 

PeopleTec also collaborates closely with the DoD on vital projects that directly affect the warfighter. According to Tina Nicholson, also a Vice President at PeopleTec, they have a group that helps support the US Army's space, missile, aviation, and technology initiatives. 

One of the teams in that group offers program management assistance in the development of weapon systems prototypes that are ultimately approved by senior leaders in the US Army. The team supports overseeing the project's timetable across several years and helps maintain momentum to get the prototypes into the hands of the warfighter.

Meanwhile, Brandon Martinez, PeopleTec's Vice President at their Colorado Springs office, has several teams that provide operational assistance to the frontline soldier, working closely with several branches of the armed forces. The teams are physically present with the warfighter every day, allowing them to maintain full customer focus.

PeopleTec's Colorado Springs office, which opened in 2015, supports missions that involve geospatial intelligence support, integrated special technical operations, friendly force tracking support, satellite operations, ballistic missile defense, and special technical operations. 

A Veteran Workforce is Advantageous

PeopleTec values not only employing veterans but also retaining and supporting them throughout their career. In fact, PeopleTec received the 2021 HIRE Vets Medallion Platinum Award from the US Department of Labor. The HIRE Vets Act Medallion Program is a federal award recognizing job creators who successfully recruit, hire, and retain veterans. PeopleTec has received this award every year since the program's inception in 2018. 

Brown explains that a majority of his team are veterans, including himself. "Veterans bring several unique qualities into the workplace," he says. They understand the needs of the company's customers and bring invaluable credibility, knowledge, and experience. Brown closes by saying, "The leadership and discipline developed in the military stays with you and carries over to your job and role as a contractor. It never leaves you."  

Nicholson explains that having a workforce with many veterans has been a critical factor in the company's success and meeting customer requirements. In fact, there are many advantages to employing individuals with military experience. 

Veterans are professionals with both leadership and tangible skills, allowing them to accomplish tasks particularly present within the military and defense arena. They have the expertise to quickly build an A-team, provide vision and guidance, and achieve their goals. Veterans are accustomed to working under uncertain and hazardous conditions, and therefore have the skills necessary to remain focused and efficient under pressure.

Martinez adds, "Our veterans add a unique and powerful perspective to our team through their leadership skills, strong work ethic, and mission experience, all of which provide invaluable insight into our mission to support warfighter needs."

Martinez, a former US Navy veteran himself, shared how his military service has supported his work at PeopleTec and how it has benefitted him. He states that he is successful in his current DoD contractor role because the Navy taught him discipline, work ethic, the importance of the overall mission, and how to work well with others. 

PeopleTec actively pursues military veterans for employment because of the value they add to the company. Veterans have a track record of success and can contribute to the company immediately after being hired. Nicholson states, "Our veterans have served our nation, and we provide them an opportunity to continue to contribute. It's a way for us to give back to those who have already given so much."

Looking Towards the Future

PeopleTec continues to grow in both numbers and capabilities as they back modernization initiatives, provide for the Army of 2030, and design for the Army of 2040. Employees are tasked with accomplishing projects that have never been done before, all within a short amount of time so the new technology gets into the hands of the warfighter quicker. Nicholson states, "The days can be long, but the rewards are high."

PeopleTec is constantly looking for opportunities to support the DoD and provide specialized, necessary services for the warfighter. Their experience supporting space operations for the US Army over the past decade has also prepared the company to support the newly formed US Space Command. For example, PeopleTec's capability and expertise supporting US Army satellite operations and other intelligent missions certainly correlate to the new space domain. 

People First, Technology Always

PeopleTec's employees set the company apart, and the organization's emphasis on culture drives it forward. Martinez notes that a satisfied employee ultimately results in a satisfied customer and excellent service. He says that it is important to give back to the veterans who have so selflessly and bravely served our country. 

PeopleTec has been repeatedly recognized for providing a positive work environment for their employees. In fact, they were just admitted into the Best Places to Work Hall of Fame for the Huntsville/Madison County area. Both the people and the technology encompass their identity, as highlighted by their motto: People First. Technology Always. The company firmly believes that, before anything else, technology should serve the needs of its users. 

Because PeopleTec is 100% employee-owned, its employees are incentivized to provide the highest levels of technical excellence and customer support. As an employee-owner, they are able to directly profit--and see that profit first-hand--from their work. Martinez explains this point by stating, "I feel motivated, energized, and committed to come into work every day, and I look forward to growing and expanding the business as an employee-owner."

Nicholson reiterates an overall message of why employees are proud to work for PeopleTec: "Everything that we do at the end of the day is for the soldiers. Our work affects them and their families. We want to bring them home safe."